KRAVe Style

KRAVe Style was started by two friends, Mayura and Natasha and our love of things organic, handmade, colorful and eclectic. We sometimes refer to ourselves as the “Soap Queens”! The name KRAVe is an amalgamation of our kids’ names, Kimaya, Ronan, Aaira and Vedant. These four are excellent assistants and mini Soap Queens and Kings! Once we started reading labels of personal products that we were using on a day to day basis, we realized, natural and organic is the way to go.
All the ingredients that go into our products are 100% natural and organic.
Our love for experimenting with various ingredients, make our soaps fun, unusual yet sophisticated. Our 100% handmade soap is made the natural old-fashioned way and created in small batches. All of our homemade soaps are hand cut and made with only the finest quality oils and botanicals becoming the best handmade natural soap made from the purest ingredients. We love the creative process of making soap, mixing different essential oils to get that perfect scent, trying to add natural colors as much as possible and sometimes adding flowers to add the extra indulgence. Since our products are handmade, no two soaps ever look alike. We feel that little imperfections, add to the character of our products! We never experiment on animals, just on ourselves and some very brave friends! All our products are made by us and are mostly made to order, they are one of a kind and unique and more importantly, we know what goes in them.

We offer a range of furniture, home decor & personal care products. Our personal care products include organic, handmade soap, lotion bars, scrubs, bath salts, lip balms, lip scrubs.