img_2781On days like this, as the sun plays hide & seek with the clouds, a natural joy seems to fill up one’s senses.

Nature has a way of moving our moods, our emotions and the persona. On days when the movement or instability outside, seems to influence a flux on the inside, know the Vata imbalance is saying hello! My body craved for something warm, quick and soothing. I would love to share this recipe of caffeine free Tea with you, it is super simple!

Pour some hot water over fresh ginger and lime slices and swirl around with a stick of cinnamon.
Add a little organic turmeric and cumin seeds if you have them in the pantry! If you do like the taste of honey, go for it! Delicious!

According to Ayurveda, ginger and cumin are anti-inflammatory and have analgesic properties with Vata pacifying effect. Lemons can calm down the Vata and turmeric has pitta balancing properties! Read more about the Vata Dosha on Dr. Richa’s blog:

Let me know if you enjoyed this!